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DOE Tuner Module

To answer the demand for fine-tuning abilities of various output parameters when using a DOE, such as: shape/spot size, separation/divergence angle, etc., HOLO/OR designed a variable beam tuner, optimized for use with Top-Hat beam shaper, Homogenizer, MultiSpot, and other DOE products. Another application is the fine-tuning of incident beam size before DOE for Top-Hat application, where precision of incident beam size is important.

The DOE tuner presents the following features:
  • Very low wavefront error
  • No need to change module direction
  • Sliding lenses
  • Constant mechanical size
  • Fused Silica lens material
  • Wavelength range = 266-1064 [nm]
  • Other wavelengths upon request
Fine Tuning of DOE (Module)

Optical Properties

Wavelength range266-1064 nm
Beam expanderx0.8-x1.2
Clear aperture23 mm
Max. input beam diameter (1/e2)Ø8.4 mm (0.8x), Ø7.0 mm (1.2x)
Max. output beam size8.4 mm
Max. incident angle*0.5 degrees

Mechanical Properties

Module length150 mm
External diameter50.8 mm
Lens materialFused Silica

Mechanical drawing

DOE Tuner dimensions

Different configurations for using the DOE-Tuner module:

  • Placing the DOE-Tuner before a DOE
    • Purpose – Fine tuning for input beam size
    • Benefit:
      • For Top-Hat beam shaper – achieves nominal beam size
      • For Beam-Splitters, Multi-Focal and Vortex phase plate – controls spot size
    • Key parameters:
      Parameter:Magnification < 1Magnification > 1
      Beam size:DecreasesIncreases
      Spot size:IncreasesDecreases
      Separation angle:No changeNo change
    Figure 1: DOE-Tuner module placed before DOE
  • Placing the DOE-Tuner after a DOE
    • Purpose – controlling divergence of the output beam, allows to vary key parameters of DOE in range of 80-120 %
    • Benefit:
      • Multi-Spot – controls the separation angle
      • Multifocal – controls the separation between foci
      • Top-Hat , Homogenizer & others – controls the image size
    • Key parameters:
      Parameter:Magnification < 1Magnification > 1
      Beam size:No changeNo change
      Spot size:IncreasesDecreases
      Separation angle:IncreasesDecreases
    Figure 2: DOE-Tuner module placed after DOE and before focus lens (or objective)

General Set-Up

Figure 3: A typical DOE tuner set-up with the DOE placed before the module

DOE Tuner set-up flow chart
DOE Tuner set-up

A Zemax Black Box of the DOE Tuner is available for different wavelengths:

A Zemax Black Box of the DOE tuner is also available for other wavelengths upon request.

DOE Tuner module video

Click here for a user manual for the DOE Tuner module.
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