Design and manufacture of diffractive
optical elements


Laser Beam Splitting by Diffractive Optics

laser beam splitting in diffractive optics by Holoor

Author: Michael A. Golub

Abstract: Recent advances in diffractive optics theory and technology have made beam splitting a valuable resource for optical designers. Programmable, multichannel optical systems can be designed based on diffraction gratings, lenslet arrays and digital holography algorithms. Spot array generation, multiple and multifocal imaging, matched filtering, laser beam mode selection and simultaneous contour shaping are among the most promising applications of diffractive beam splitting today.

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The beam splitters are used in a wide variety of research and industrial applications. Some typical areas include:

  • Laser scribing such as in solar cells or panels
  • Laser dicing
  • Laser displays
  • Filters for cigarettes
  • Medical/aesthetic applications such as skin treatment
  • 3-D sensors
  • Fiber optics

Application notes for beam splitting

Beam splitting / Multispot products

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