Design and manufacture of diffractive
optical elements

Diffractive optics products are used in a wide range of applications includind R&D applications.

  • Laser Material Processing

    Typical Applications:

    • Laser perforation
    • Laser ablation
    • Laser cutting
    • Laser hardening and remelting
    • Laser micro machining

  • Medical Applications

    Typical Applications:

    • Skin treatment
    • Eye surgery
    • Micro surgery

  • Other Applications

    • Astronomy
    • Optical communications
    • Optical tweezers
    • Cytometry (particule measurement)
    • 3D detection and measuremnts
    • Modal optics
    • Spectroscopy

Your application doesn't appear here? You need help selecting the right product for your application? We will be happy to help you. Please contact our applications engineers to discuss your requirements or a custom solution.

Application notes

It's important to know how to use in the diffractive optics. That's why, HOLO/OR have prepared application notes for our products that answer many frequently asked questions (FAQs) involving these diffractive optical elements, their applications and other system considerations.

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