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High Homogeneity Laser Diffusers / Homogenizers


round homogenizer/diffuser by Holoor        square homogenizer/diffuser by Holoor

HOLO/OR innovation once again enhances the performance of their HM (homogenizer) line, and customer feedback has been unequivocal.
These homogenizers/diffusers are designed to generate a well-defined beam shape, i.e. square, round or any other choice of user, with a statistically uniform intensity profile.
The homogenizers / diffusers can work with either SM or MM laser beams, but incoherent mode overlap further increases output homogeneity making the Homogenizer product an optimal solution for homogenized multimode beams.
For SM lasers, the beam shaping / flat-top product line remains optimal solution for absolute pixel-to-pixel beam uniformity.
The homogenizer / diffusers series can be designed for a large range of diffusion angles, and for any wavelength in UV-10.6um spectrum.
Other features include high damage threshold and high tolerance to misalignment and input beam quality.

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Homogenizers / Diffusers products

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