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Airy Beam

Airy Beam Binary Phase
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Airy Beam
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An Airy beam is a non-diffracting waveform which doesn't spread out as the beam propagates and gives the appearance of curving as it travels.
The Airy beam also has the characteristic of freely accelerating. As it propagates, it bends so as to form a parabolic arc.
A cross section of an ideal Airy beam would reveal an area of principal intensity, with a series of adjacent, less luminous areas trailing off to infinity.
HOLO/OR suggests special DOE elements which transform Gaussian beam to Airy beam.

Part Number Wavelength (nm) Dimensions (mm) number of levels Material Clear Aperture (mm)
PE-203-1-Y-A* 1600 25.4 2 FS 2
PE-206-I-Y-A 1064 11 16** FS 9.2
* Separation angle between the 2 Airy Beams: 9.2 Degrees
** High Efficiency

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