Design and manufacture of diffractive
optical elements

Concentric Circles Pattern for Lasers

A laser concentric circles pattern transforms a laser beam into multiple circles.
A light pattern of concentric circles has recently been proven to be most appropriate for certain 3D mapping applications, especially for spaces with cylindrical geometry. Some examples of these applications include illumination and imaging inside of gas pipes, mapping of traffic tunnels, and for endoscopy and colonoscopy diagnostics.

A concentric circles pattern is defined by its full angle and the number of rings.
In addition to its standard products HOLO/OR offers the possibility to custom design and manufacture the number of circles, separation angle between neighboring circles, and the energy distribution per circle.

HOLO/OR also designs and manufactures a diffractive axicon which is a DOE that shapes an input beam to a single ring.

Laser concentric circles patternconcentric circles pattern
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example: MC-021-I-Y-A

Materials:Fused Silica, Sapphire, Germanium, ZnSe
Wavelength range:193nm to 10.6um
DOE design:2-level (binary) to 16-level
Diffraction efficiency:75% - 96%
Element size:Few mm to 100mm
Damage threshold:~3 J/cm2 in 7nS pulse at 1064nm
Coating (optional):AR/AR Coating
Custom Design:Almost any angle
  • High power threshold
  • Compact size
  • Small and large angles are available
  • Wavelengths from UV to IR
  • Optional Ar/Ar coating
  • 3D Mapping
  • Machine vision
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