Design and manufacture of diffractive
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M-Shape intensity distribution spot for scanning applications

HOLO/OR’s M-Shaper, is a diffractive optical elements (DOE) used to create a unique 2D M-shaped intensity profile, with sharp edges in a specific work plane.
The M-Shaper optical function is not possible by conventional reflective or refractive optical elements.
The typical application is to create a uniform exposure over scanned lines. That is, when scanning a line with a regular Gaussian or even Top-Hat spot the center gets over exposed (influencing the heat distribution during laser material processing).
The M-Shape is the mathematical shape that gives a uniform exposure over the line when scanned. This provides higher quality of the process & enables more flexibility in the system configuration.
For example, it allows optimization of the intensity profile, and image size, without changing the laser, fiber cable and/or scanning optical head.
The benefits of our optimized M-shaped intensity profile include:
  • Uniform exposure over the scanned line
  • “Cleaner” results with scanned lines in almost any process
  • Enables very strong weld seams
The most M-Shape DOE’s listed below require a Single Mode (TEM00) input beam. However, some M-Shape DOE's had been designed for Multimode lasers (with MM in remarks column). Please feel free to contact us on this or any other custom request you may have.
Scanner Shaper
M-Shape Scanning Applications
Above - Simulated intensity profiles of diffractive M-Shaper laser spots (Without integration). Left figure = Upper view, Right figure = Side view.
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example: MR-001-I-Y-A

Materials:Fused Silica, ZnSe
Wavelength range:193nm to 10.6um
Full angle:Large range of full angles
DOE design:2-level (binary) to 16-level
Diffraction efficiency:86% - 96%
Element size:Few mm to 100mm
Coating (optional):AR/AR Coating
Custom Design:Almost any size
  • Round M-Shape output profile (before integration)
  • Uniform exposure over scanned lines
  • Clearer defined edge
  • High efficiency
  • High power threshold
  • Wavelengths from UV to IR
  • Optional Ar/Ar coating
  • Laser materials processing:
    • welding
    • cutting
    • scribing
  • Strong weld seams (also in Plastics)
M-Shape Scanning Applications
Figure 2 - Schematic set-up and integrated (S) intensity profile across scan direction. Left=with M-Shaper,. Right=with flat-top beam shaper.
DOE tuner - Holo/Or DOE Tuner A DOE Tuner is intended to fine-tune many characteristics of Beam-Shaping and Beam-Splitting results, as: adjusting separation angle of a MultiSpot DOE, Top-Hat size at the focal plane, or divergence angle of diffuser / Homogenizer. The DOE tuner can also be used as a small beam expander for fine-tuning the input beam size before the DOE (mainly for Top-Hats).
Beam Shaping Focuser - Holo/Or Beam Shaping Focuser The Beam Shaping Focuser is a focusing module optimized for Top-Hat (Beam Shaper) DOE. The focusing module is useful for short wavelengths and short Effective Focal Length (EFL) systems with large input beam size.
undesired orders blocker - Holo/Or Undesired Diffracted Orders Blocker (UDOB) An Undesired Diffracted Orders Blocker (UDOB) blocks undesired spots of MultiSpot or parasitic energy of diffuser / Homogenizer, enabling precise shape and energy distribution at the focal plane. The UDOB can be also used for making very sharp edges for diffuser / Homogenizer.
Dielectric mask - Holo/Or Dielectric Mask A Dielectric mask is a custom aperture built from a very thin high reflection/patterned layer (~1[µm]), to improve performances when combined with a DOE, and minimize diffraction effects when used with an imaging lens.
DOE expander - Holo/Or DOE Expander The module reduces or expands the full angle of a DOE by a magnification factor. The module can be used as angle reducer or angle expander with our beam shaping, beam splitting and beam foci elements.
mounting adapters - Holo/Or Mounting Adapter Holo/Or supplies mounting adapters for use of smaller diameter optics (11, 12.5, 15, 18, 19, 20 and 22[mm]) to 25.4[mm] mounts, as well as adapters for use of square optics (7.25x7.25, 10x10, 12x12, 12.7x12.7, 14.1x14.1, 15x15[mm]) to 25.4[mm] mounts and 5x5[mm] to 11[mm] mounts.
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