Design and manufacture of diffractive
optical elements

Custom Beam Splitter

The Diffractive Beam Splitter is a diffractive optical element used to split a single laser beam into several beams, each with the characteristics of the original beam (except for its power and angle of propagation).
A diffractive beam splitter can generate either a 1-dimensional beam array (1xN) or a 2-dimensional beam matrix (MxN), depending on the diffractive pattern on the element. The diffractive beam splitter is used with monochromatic light such as a laser beam, and is designed for a specific wavelength and angle of separation between its output beams.
In this section, we present our standard list of custom shape beam splitter.
HOLO/OR offers, in addition to standard diffractive beam splitters, the possibility to choose the number of spots and their locations, as a part of its custom design and manufacturing capability.

Hexagonal Beam SplitterHexagonal Beam Splitter
Round Beam SplitterRound Beam Splitter
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example: MS-471-I-Y-A

Materials:Fused Silica, Sapphire, ZnSe, Plastic
Wavelength range:193nm to 10.6um
DOE design:2-level (binary) to 16-level
Separation angle:0.001° to 60° (larger angles require additional optics)
Diffraction efficiency:64% - 98%
Element size:Few mm to 100mm
Coating (optional):AR/AR Coating
Custom Design:Almost any symmetry or arbitrary shape
  • Single Mode or Multimode input beam laser
  • High power threshold
  • Glass or plastic materials
  • Accurate angle separation
  • Insensitive to X-Y-Z displacements
  • Custom separation angle and shape
  • Any input beam shape
  • Wavelengths from UV to IR
  • Optional Ar/Ar coating
  • Parallel material processing
  • Medical/aesthetic treatment
  • Laser scribing (solar cells)
  • Glass dicing (LCD displays)
  • Laser display & illumination
  • Machine vision & 3D sensors
  • Fiber optics
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