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HOLO/OR suggests you read the application notes and standard product page on Beam Shaper for full description of the product.
beam shaper calculator

Beam Shaper Calculator


Fill in the following:
  • Laser wavelength
  • EFL
  • Beam Diameter
  • Desired Top-Hat size

  • The user may choose different units in any field
  • The user may drag the blue sliders to see how beam diameter, EFL and Top-Hat size affect the edges of the Top-Hat.
  • The figure gives an accurate prediction of the shape and size of the transition region (i.e. how fast the intensity goes from 0 till 100%).
  • The uniformity on the plateau has been set to +/-0% although in most designs there is some significant ripple, typically +/-10%. For a more accurate prediction of this ripple in a specific design you should contact us.
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