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Company Overview

HOLO/OR Ltd. (Est. 1989) develops, designs and manufactures diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and micro-optical elements. Our DOEs are being used for various applications mainly involving high precision and high powered lasers. Our main customers are laser system integrators in industries such as medical/aesthetical, material processing, metrology and many more.
During the last three decades, HOLO/OR has gained considerable expertise in the design, simulation and manufacture of DOEs, using its in-house IP software and tools.
Our products portfolio includes (but is not limited to): beam splitters, beam shapers (top-hat), homogenizers/diffusers, multi-focal, beam samplers, vortex lenses and more. These elements can be fabricated for any wavelength, from DUV to Far IR.
In addition to individual elements, HOLO/OR also designs and assembles refractive-diffractive modules and sub-systems.
HOLO/OR works with hundreds of customers and 8 active distributors on 4 continents. We work with most of the largest laser companies in USA, China, Japan, South-Korea and Germany.


Diffractive Optics

A DOE uses thin micro structure patterns to alter the phase of the light propagated through it. Those micro-structures, once properly designed, can manipulate the light to almost any desired intensity profile or shape.
This technology enables many functions and light manipulations which are not feasible with standard refractive optics. In many applications these functions are highly beneficial and significantly improve system performance.
Our DOEs are thin optical windows/lenses, easily installed in any system. Diffractive optical solutions have many advantages such as: high efficiency, high precision, small dimensions, low weight, and most importantly, are flexible solutions that meet a variety of different applications' requirements.


Capabilities and fabrication facility

Diffractive Optical Design:

  • HOLO/OR has gained over the last three decades vast experience in designing and developing diffractive optical elements (DOE). Using our in-house software and algorithms, our designs reach top quality in terms of efficiency, uniformity and other required parameters.
  • HOLO/OR now holds an extensive multifunctional design database, enabling us to give fast solutions for many different applications and customer needs.
  • Integrating manufacturing tolerances into the diffractive design enables us to predict the actual performance after production.

Optical Systems design:

In addition to the mentioned diffractive designs, HOLO/OR also designs both refractive optical systems and hybrid refractive/diffractive systems.

Special R&D projects and tailored optics:

HOLO/OR has a broad experience in managing R&D projects in different areas and applications, for example diffractive eyeglasses, endoscopy, material processing, metrology, as well as aesthetical and medical applications. Our multidisciplinary R&D team is highly qualified to meet any challenge in the field of optics and computer science.


    • Photolithography:
      • Contact lithography – Mask Aligner
      • Direct Laser Writer & photomask preparation
    • Etching:
      • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) – Fluoride and Chloride processes
      • Wet etching
      • Plasma ashing
    • Measurements:
      • Stylus profiler
      • Optical microscopes
      • Lasers and light sources (UV/VIS/NIR/IR)
      • Power meters, Beam analyzers
      • Large stock of unique Diffractive and Refractive UV-VIS-NIR-IR optics


Company History

HOLO/OR was founded in 1989 by Israel Grossinger, a pioneer in commercial diffractive optics. It was the very first company to develop high efficiency DOEs for commercial use at affordable prices. Thereafter, HOLO/OR developed a process for high laser damage threshold DOEs which until today only few companies worldwide are able to offer.
HOLO/OR is also a pioneer in software/automation of DOE design. Our in-house developed software is a competitive advantage.
In the past years, many industries have started adopting the use of DOEs to enhance performance and enable the development of new applications.


Quality Assurance

Holo/OR Ltd. is certified with the international quality control ISO 9001: 2008 certification, since 2012.
Click here to view the ISO certificate.
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